Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comedy Central surrenders to petty thugs

I'm a huge South Park fan. It probably helps that the creators' generous streaming of every episode online works well for someone like me who doesn't DVR or watch TV as scheduled very often. So naturally, I find it absolutely appalling that Comedy Central has censored the most recent episode.

What disgusts me even more with this incident is that the group "Revolution Muslim" "warning" South Park creators that they'll end up like Theo Van Gogh are absolute nobodies. They're nothing but talk. And Comedy Central's creators have given into their threat, which is absolute cowardice, especially considering that these clowns are 5 or 6 steps from being willing and able to do actual harm to anyone.

If anyone's interested in letting these fools know what you think, contact info for Revolution Muslim (their website is down, I got this from the cached version):

Contact info for Comedy Central:
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