Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Left-wing "civility" in Australia and the U.S.

The always insightful Tim Andrews, who hails from Australia, has a great post on the lack of civility among leftists there.

And by lack of civility, I mean death threats and a xenophobic, inaccurate Facebook group with personal attacks against Tim, because he committed the crime of organizing opposition to an updated, certainly Australianized version of the Johnstown Flood Tax.

I can't do any better than Tim's analysis here of what instills such fear in the Aussie Left. Substitute "America" for "Australia" and everything stays just as accurate:
the only explanation I can find for the hate-filled smears of the left, is that they are terrified of the people. There is a real, palatable of Australians getting engaged in the political process, and this scares the hard-left witless.

Why? The reason is simple. Because the multi-billion dollar left-wing industry relies on a quiet populace. The billions they receive are dependent upon the Australian people being docile. And I think it’s time for us to be frank about this fact. There really is a multi-billion dollar far-left industry out there, reliant upon our taxpayers, and I am sick of tip-toeing around the issue for fear of alienating a special interest group.

Let us be frank.

Whether it be fat cat public ‘servant” bureaucrats, safe and secure in their tenure, knowing they will never be able to get a non-taxpayer funded job in the real world. Or so-called “climate scientists”, who, without millions in funds for scaremongering would face the unemployment queue. Those reliant on sustaining a culture of welfare, so they can keep on leeching off the public purse, “helping” the less fortunate, despite all the evidence that their big-government plans never have worked. The artsy types, who live off taxpayer dollars to propagate their hate – sorry, “art”. “Multicultural organisations”, the ABC, Unions – the list goes on - I am only just scratching the surface. Australia has entire left wing industry entrenched through all levels of government, that up until now has never been challenged. And ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Read all the rest here or here (long version).